Left side panel

handling requests, which are set up by agents serving the console. Here you can find options for sorting requests - OPEN / NO RESPONSE / CLOSED. In the field with the magnifying glass icon, you can enter keywords by which you will manage to find a specific submission. What's more, it is possible to narrow the time range in the filtering of notifications as well as to create a new notification directly from this level.

When creating a new request, a new window will be substituted, where at the beginning there is an option to select an existing client /screen no. 1 below/, a new client /screen no. 2 below/ or add a task (the content of the request) /screen no. 3/.

When creating a ticket, you can add its title, content, attachment as well as tag this ticket or assign it to a specific agent. A customer can be added to the ticket if he/she is in our customer base, or you can select the new customer option and immediately fill in his/her card. Such a customer, added from the level of the ticket, will also be added to our customer base in the agent console.

Here, a consultant who is logged into the console can view the history of his own calls, as well as those of other attendants. In addition, it is also possible to listen to the call or download the generated audio with the call.

In the tabs ALL / INCOMING / OUTCOMING / UNINCOMING it is possible to search for a specific call by phone number, or calls from a specific time period in the date from - date to window. It is also possible to add a request by assigning it to a specific customer phone number from the position her.

Here live chats appear. The agent operating the console has the ability to respond by text, to customer inquiries. Here we distinguish between ACTIVE CHATS / ENDED CHATS on the left side.

  • active chats - text conversations with customers appear here; during the conversation there is an opportunity to select ready answers, which are prepared in advance in the database. An active chat can also be marked with the appropriate topic of conversation. Here it is also possible to redirect the conversation to an agent logged into the console. What's more, it is also possible to assign a new ticket / ticket to a specific conversation - which will then appear in the tab Notifications (tickets).

  • the right side panel also shows identifying data such as the customer's IP number, location, the browser he or she is using, the operating system, the website he or she is looking for information on, and the time the customer spent on the site before connecting.

  • live chat during the conversation also allows you to add an attachment that can be sent directly to the customer.

  • icons of agents logged into the console at the moment appear on the bottom left, so you can also see which consultant is currently handling the chat, and to which you can redirect the call:

Here appear all phone numbers, customers who contact consultants operating the console for a given project. It is possible to search for a specific phone number, sorting numbers by date from/to. After entering a specific number, it is possible to suspect with which consultant the customer called, whether it was a contact via hotline or live chat, the entire history of taking action with a given customer is shown.

The tab allows you to store files, you can upload them from an external source, and thus access them from the console position.

Here you can preview the history of live chat conversations, when you click on a particular conversation it shows its progress. It is possible to sort based on the date, search for conversations from a particular day. In addition, it is also possible to search based on the identification of a particular chat (based on location data).

This is an internal communication option for each agent who is currently logged into the console. It is a text option, agents can exchange information among themselves.

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