STEP 1: Developing Content - how to start

How to prepare source content - what is needed from the brand’s team to start

The ‘6-Step’ Content development can be run by InteliWISE professional services team or our partner’s team. Both options were tested in numerous projects.

The example of process including the manual content development is presented below.

The raw / basic content for future Chatbot us can be delivered by company’s team in numerous forms, incl.

  • FAQ from website

  • the history / feeds of previous user searches on the company’s site

  • Website statistics

  • Internal company dictionaries

  • Presentations

  • Employees remarks

  • E-mails from the clients

The content can be unstructured. The team will build a structure of the knowledge tree, a knowledge base, Chatbot right answers.

Kick-off | Manual vs. (semi) automated process

Leading brands nowadays have high requirements regarding the quality of Chatbot interaction and query handling. They result in significant amount of manual work needed.

The truly conversational agent is a mixture of pre-populated responses, programmed dialogs, knowledge bases and AI capabilities - all of them need to be controlled, supervised by a human specialized workforce.

There are 3 approaches to programming Chatbot interactions:

Manual (content development)

Automated Knowledge Ingestion (to support the Manual process)

Manual, with the use of dynamic data (date, value, balance etc) in Answers

The team of knowledge management experts will pre -program Chatbot, i.e. develop responses, dialogs, collect questions etc

Builder tool will index a website and provide a source (raw) Q&A feed for experts

The manually populated content will by supplemented with real - time data from external systems

The raw feed in the form of:

- FAQ online

- Scripts from Call center, chats

- Internal company dictionaries, - Presentations, - Employees notes , - E-mails from the clients.

The online content can be indexed

The integration with external IT systems will be performed.

Manual content development

The existing customers' FAQs, scripts, and online content can be used for generating the basic material for developing a customized knowledge base of automated Q&A. The content development team deploys knowledge bases with the use of tools, including InteliWISE AI Engineer builder. The process is described in manuals.

Automated- and Semi-Automated Content building (Optional)

Initial Q&A base can be developed with the use of automated tools. They provide for automatic content tagging and clustering of content. Our knowledge tools automatically tag and cluster any existing knowledge sets. It can be set up in structured ways (by initially assigning defined categories), and then the remaining matching categories, clustering and matching is hidden behind our internal mechanisms.

Process of clustering is distributed on many dictionaries and depends on their structure and completeness – so extending dictionaries and improving them in time is a part of knowledge augmentation process.

The most popular dictionaries are:

  • prefixes

  • synonyms

  • correctional (typo correction) dictionaries.

  • avatar's picture, name and title

  • tab label

  • theme and color

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