How to branch a Conversation Flow Scenario?

If you read the description of the Confirm block, you will notice that it has block has three output ports by default. They are yes, no, and fail. This means that we can branch our conversation. Depending on the customer response, a voicebot will react differently.

You should provide the further scenario (further blocks) for the cases when the customer answers: “Yes” or “No”. You should also take care of the failure case – when the voicebot will not understand the response, or it will be different than “Yes”, or “No”.

Let us start with the failure case.

In case the voicebot will is not sure if it is talking to the right person, it will connect to a human assistant. (Obviously, in our demo mode, our voicebot will only tell us about this, but we will not make him connect you to anyone. That is what would happen in a real scenario.)

Choose the Say block this time. Connect the output port fail from the Confirm block to the Say block. This block enables the voicebot to say any phrase.

There is only one option to set: Text to say.

Please, write: “I am sorry. I did not understand. Let me connect you to our call center assistant.”

And in the real-life we would add after it the Custom JS block to connect you with an assistant

We can do a similar configuration for a “No” answer. If a voicebot calls the wrong person, it should politely apologize and hang up. So, please add the block Say and write a proper message in the Text to say field.

The real work will start for the “Yes” answer because then we need to confirm the appointment date.

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