CONFIRM – How to get confirmation from a customer?

The Confirm block is the best for closed questions, where the expected answer from the customer should be “Yes” or “No”. It has one input port. Depending on the configuration it may have from 2 – 4 output ports. There are 3 default ports: yes, no, fail, and one optional one dk (= I do not know). You may remove the fail port if you wish.

In some cases, you may want to allow for the “I do not know” answer, but you do not have to. You can set how many times the question should be repeated.

Some of the options in the Confirm block are identical to the options of Confirm Date & Date blocks. Therefore, we will discuss them in detail only in this section.


Question – This is where you set what you want the voicebot to say. The configuration should be done in the same way as for the Text to say option in the Say block.


On fail – This option allows you to decide if you want to configure a separate scenario branch when the voicebot does not understand the customer’s answer or force it to treat this unknown answer as “I do not know” (Optionally: “Yes” or “No”). If you choose to set Fail, then this means you must configure the branch of conversation failure. If you choose any other option, the fail output port will disappear, and the voicebot will act according to your settings.


Allow DTMF – Allows the customer to respond not only by voice but also by providing the response on a mobile device. To answer “yes” tap 1. To answer “no”, tap 2.

Alternative Don’t know – In this field, type phrases or words that may mean that customer does not know the answer.

TIP: Before entering phrases to the Alternative Don’t know field, you should check Allow don’t know checkbox first. This option allows setting a scenario where the customer does not know the answer to a question.

Alternative Yes – In this field type phrases or words that may suggest that customer means “YES”.

Alternative No – In this field enter phrases or words that may imply that customer means “NO”.

Repeat – Set how many times the voicebot should repeat the question in case it did not understand the customer’s response.

Alternative repeat question – In this field, type other Question alternatives. It is useful in case your voicebot should ask the customer the question again, but you do not want it to use the same words.

REMEMBER! Remember to enter each phrase in a separate line when you provide input for options: Alternative Yes, Alternative No, Alternative Don’t know, Alternative Repeat Question.

Allow don’t know – Use it when you expect that in your voicebot Conversational Flow Scenario the customer may not be able to answer clearly “yes” or “no” or may not know the answer at all. Then additional output port (dk) will appear on the Confirm block, so you can branch your scenario for this case

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