How to set up the start call block?

These are “Welcome text” and “Voicebot language”. All other available options of the Start Call block we describe in the section about blocks. In the “Welcome text” field, write a message you would like to be welcomed by your voicebot.

For example: You may write: “Hello! I am your first Voicebot!” Then, be sure you have set up the Voicebot language option to English.

Then, be sure you have set up the Voicebot language option to English.

Now use the Save&Test button to save your project and check how your voicebot behaves. Can you hear your voicebot greeting you? Isn’t it awesome? 🤩

In this exercise, we want to create a voicebot confirming a dental appointment.

So please change the phrase in the Welcome text field to: “Hello! I am a Virtual Assistant of the Dental Clinic.” OK! Do you want to talk to your voicebot? Then we need to do some more work!

Let us pretend that our voicebot would like to confirm your dental appointment, that you have on Wednesday, 26th of June 2021.

The voicebot should know your name and the date of your appointment with the dentist. In fact, our DEMO voicebot does not belong to your dentist, and it does not know nor your name, nor your visit date.

In the real world, the voicebot retrieves customer data through API from IT systems. It would do the same for your dentist. But in this exercise, we will fake it.

Before we do that, we will explain, how to add and delete new blocks and connectors in the Voicebot Editor.

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