Introduction | Tools and Timetable

Conversational features

Our Chatbot has advanced Conversational features that are managed with tools:
Greeting / Engaging
Can be pre-programmed to actively reach out to users, with programmable welcomes and scripts
Recognizes natural language in the form of text (or voice with ASR integration), user input and meaning of consumers' questions, also called consumer intent,
  • typed in a natural, everyday language, in a sentence, without the need for typing keywords,
  • understands synonyms of queries.
Provides pre-populated Responses, developed in NLP Content Builder
Running Conversation
Relevant scenarios of claryfing questions,‘next - best’ answers etc are developed in tools
Fixing problems, Running & closing transactions
Can enable users to check status, data, balance and run transactions like changes, reservations, purchases etc
The entire InteliWISE platform provides a powerful combination of AI-powered, intelligent Chatbot automation solution, with live-assisted, omnichannel customer support solutions (helpline/ toll-free number, contact form, live chat, video chat).

What are the Administration & Content Tools available?

There is a number of tools which are used by InteliWISE systems to build Chatbot’s content:
Tool’s name:
AI-Engineer Content Builder
Knowledge Ingestion tools
Account settings, Design, Welcome messages, Engagement (rule-based) TRiggers Chatbots, basic content edits, Reporting
Advanced Q&A knowledge tool that enables Content Development, Diagnostic, Testing, Editing, Authoring
Automated knowledge tool that enables ingesting content from existing sources (i.e. FAQs); helps content developers at an early content development stage
Adds voice feature to Chatbots, either for escalations or programming Voicebots for IVR
Type of the tool
Web - based, can be set-up on-premise
Web - based, can be set-up on-premise
Web - based, can be set-up on-premise
Web - based, can be set-up on-premise
What Content can be developed
Basic: welcome messages, Scripts
Questions and Answers, Dialog, full semantics
Initial brand’s content, in the form of Q&A, scripts, pdf
Programmable voice content