It’s a base, a dedicated resource of knowledge about a given brand or service. It’s usually customized for a given company. Covers dedicated content in the form. Intents work with Dictionaries and Language corpuses. Dictionaries are resources of content that enables better query recognition, including synonyms, prefixes and corrections.

Dictionaries are a specific type of knowledge base. They are vastly contributing to intent recognition process. They may cover:

  • Generic (Global) synonyms,

  • Company’s (Brand’s) synonyms,

  • Prefixes (Intents),

  • Correction,

  • Language corpus.

Elements located in Dictionaries have high importance: they are searched in parallel with the Main Base or Small Talk Base when user inputs the utterance.

Language corpus is a large and structured set of text, words.

They are used to doing statistical analysis and hypothesis testing, checking occurrences or validating linguistic rules within a specific language territory. The AI-Engineer tool uses language corpuses in natural language processing algorithms. Unlike synonym dictionaries and prefixes, they come pre-set, without the ability of content edit from the level of the Builder tool.

Key elements of INTENTS are:

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