How to end the conversation?

Now, you deal with the “no” output port of a Confirm block.

You can connect it with a Say block, where the voicebot will inform a customer that the appointment has been canceled. (This is in response to the customer telling voicebot not to come to the scheduled appointment.) Clearly, in a real-world scenario, there would be further blocks or code that would connect the voicebot to the dental clinic database or calendar and actually cancel the appointment.

The final step is to create a Say block that will confirm that you are expected at the scheduled time and ends the conversation.

Now you have a simulation of what a voicebot call confirming a dental appointment might sound like.

In the image above, you can compare your conversation design with the InteliWISE voicebot Conversation Flow Scenario.

What voicebot do you need for your business? How would the scenario look like for your company?

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