InteliWISE DIALER – What if you need an outbound campaign?

There are many situations where your customers call with questions, problems, or tasks, and where your voicebot can be helpful. However, there may be situations where your company needs to call its customers and you want a voicebot to do this task. You want to create an outbound campaign.

This is possible with InteliWISE Dialer.

Once you have created your voicebot, you can assign it the phone number. (There are several ways to do it described in the first part of this section.)

Go to the Projects page, where you will see the list of your projects. In our exercise, you may edit your voicebot project and click on the Assign phone number button. You choose the number from the available ones. However, if you need a phone number in the locations not listed, contact us using the chatbot available at

To be able to set up a Dialer, you need to have a proper amount of funds on your account. You can check the status of your funds in your profile settings (upper right corner).

The InteliWISE Dialer allows you to configure your campaign.

You may choose the days, hours, and phone numbers of the customers to whom the campaign is dedicated.

The picture above shows an example useful for the exercise, when you want to test the Dialer on couple of numbers at a chosen hour. A real campaign is usually set up for several days a week during working hours. It can run even 7 days a week. For example, it can be set up from 8am to 4pm on Mon-Fri, and from 10am to 2pm on weekends.

Steps to create a dialer:

1️⃣ Start by selecting Dialer from the menu on the left side.

If you do not see this option – expand Voicebot option menu.

2️⃣ Click the Add a new dialer campaign button.

3️⃣ Configure your campaign:

  • Name – Enter the name of your campaign.

  • Campaign date range – Specify the time period during which the campaign will be active.

  • Allowed days – Select the days on which voicebot should call customers.

  • Weekday calling hours – Set the time on Mon – Fri the voicebot should make calls.

  • Weekend calling hours – Set the time voicebot should make calls on weekends.

  • Timezone – Select the proper time zone.

  • The maximum retry count – How many times a voicebot should try to call a customer. (Usually, it is enough to provide a number not higher than 2 or 3.)

  • Retry time – After how many minutes the voicebot should call for the second time.

  • Retry back off – Here you may setup a longer pauses between retry attempts.

4️⃣ Save the setup of your campaign clicking in the Save button.

5️⃣ Click the Numbers button

6️⃣ Provide the list of numbers to which voicebot should call. (Manually or from CSV file). Save the list of numbers and go back to setup of your campaign.

7️⃣ Click Start button to start your campaign.

Now your campaign will run in required period of time unless you click the button “Stop” to break it.

Remember to (re)start your campaign every time you edit its configuration.

You can analyze how your campaign is going.

You can also check the status of the numbers your Dialer has called.

The possible statuses are:

✔️ Fresh – The Dialer has not started the work on these numbers.

✔️Touched – The Dialer has started the work on these numbers but has not yet connected to them.

This status lasts just a few milliseconds. ⬆️

✔️Originated – The Dialer is trying to call a customer at this very moment.

✔️ Bridged – The Dialer has connected to the customer and the voicebot is talking currently to him or her.

✔️ Failed – The connection has failed.

✔️ Done – The Dialer connected the voicebot and the call has been conducted.

✔️ PermFailed – All connections have failed including the final attempt.

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