Which voicebot templates do we offer?

InteliWISE currently offers two types of voicebots:

  • Template-based:

    • Appointment Voicebot

    • Debt Collection Voicebot

    • Voicebot for surveys

    • Voicebot for outbound campaigns

  • Created “as you wish”:

    • Fully Customizable Voicebot

InteliWISE has prepared two ready-to-use templates.

We have created simple voicebots that can set up a meeting with your client or help with debt collection. They cover most of functionality needed by an average company. If you are happy with our templates, you may implement them right away. It is also possible to adapt them to your needs.

The Appointment Voicebot is designed to help your customers to schedule, cancel or confirm a time to meet with your clients. This is a fantastic option for doctors, dentists, hairdressers, manicurists, beauticians, and any other business where clients make appointments before showing up at your office or salon.

The Debt Collection Voicebot helps debt collection companies, banks, and other financial institutions to keep a check on borrowers. It has also been observed that debtors prefer to talk to voicebots rather than humans. They often feel uncomfortable talking openly with other people about their financial situation, so the opportunity to deal with a machine is tempting.

The InteliWISE solution is highly customizable.

Thus, in case you need a voicebot for an extremely specific case, it is possible to create any solution required by your business needs from the available components.

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