Right top panel

  • The gray icon on the left - the ability to switch the view of activity in the console history (calls, chats, tickets) between all consultants and your own activity.

The green color of the icon indicates only one's own activity, the blue color indicates the activity of all consultants who have login credentials for this project.

  • Bell icon - this is where you will find notifications related to your account such as delegating a ticket to a consultant.

  • Account settings icon - with the first letter of the login login.

    • When clicked, options related to the profile pop up. This is where, among other things, the phone number assigned to the hotline is shown.

    • "Your profile" tab gives you the ability to tailor console settings to the agent's needs: the ability to change passwords, add a signature to an email address, adjust settings related to notifications, set sound options as to chat/internet chat.

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