SAY – How to make your voicebot speak?

If you want your voicebot to just say something and the block does not require any special logic, use the Say block. It is one of the simplest and most basic blocks. It has only one input and one output port.


Text to say – You can make your bot speak in two ways, choosing the preferred option:

  • Speech synthesizer

  • Own recording

If you choose the Speech synthesizer option, all you have to do is write a text that will be read by the Text-2-Speech (TTS) system.

REMEMBER! The language in which you write the text should be the same as the one you set in the Voicebot language option in a Start Call Block.

If you choose the Own recording option, then you can upload the audio file with the recorded phrase. (Then, your customer will listen while talking to the voicebot.)

REMEMBER! You cannot use the Global Variables and Arguments while using Own recording option.

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