How to confirm the name of the customer?

When calling someone, there is no assurance that the phone will be answered by the owner.

It is good to confirm who is on the other end. So, let us choose the Confirm block to ensure the voicebot is talking to the right person.

Please connect Custom JS block’s port out1 with Confirm block in port by a connector.

The Options Panel of the Confirm block has many options to fill in. For example, we can choose whether we expect the client only to answer “Yes” & “No”, or whether there is an option to answer, “I do not know”.

We can also provide alternatives for mentioned answers. Obviously in real life, the confirmation may be expressed in many ways: “Yes”, “Sure”, “Of course.” For humans, it will mean the same, but for a voicebot, they are 3 different responses.

Let us assume in our case, that the answer will be only “Yes” or “No”.

So be nice, and when testing the behavior of your voicebot in this part of the conversation, answer only “Yes” or “No”.

So, with the above assumptions, it looks like we need to configure only one option: Speech Synthesizer.

As you see in the image above, I wrote: “Am I talking to${globals.first_name}?” This means I want the voicebot to say the name that is stored in a global variableglobals.first_name

I expect to hear: “Am I talking to Anna Gregorczyk?

You should expect that you will hear the name you set in the previous Custom JS block.

Have you heard your name? Have you responded? But the voicebot disconnected. Why?

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