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Phone app functionalities

This green dot located in the upper left corner of the phone app indicates a successful login to both the console and the phone app. It is tantamount to being ready to properly receive and accept calls.
settings icon - here you can check the audio settings - audio input and output, which are needed to properly receive calls and conversation
after clicking on this icon, the agent handling the phone application goes on pause is tantamount to the fact that it will not receive incoming calls.
Activating a break in the phone app does not disconnect the call currently in progress (if applicable), does not block the ability to make outgoing calls as well as does not block the ability to receive chats (if applicable)
The phone application is opened to a new tab in the web browser.
Minimize the phone in the agent console, to the original blue icon with the handset symbol
The phone's numeric keypad, this is the main view of the phone immediately after logging in
This is where the phone numbers of customers who contact the hotline directly are collected. After selecting a specific phone number from the list, we go to the customer in question, with the possibility to call back/call them.
History of customer calls to individual agents. Here you can see the phone number, but also the name of the consultant with whom the customer has a conversation(s). After clicking on the selected number, the history of the conversation appears along with the subject of the conversation as well as a recording of the conversation with the agent may be available. What's more, it is in this section that you can check the number of phone calls that were received on a given day. In addition, a new option appears at the top of the phone application: search for a phone number along with a filter option:
A tab for outbound calling campaigns directly related to a particular project. Depending on the needs of the project, when you go to this section, you will see the name of the campaign and the ability to launch the campaign (start randomly assigning numbers to consultants).
This is the last functionality from the phone application panel. In this section, the consultant has the option to return to an already completed call to mark the subject of the call, mark the customer's satisfaction, or make a note if he or she failed to do so during the call. All unsubscribed/unmarked calls are listed here - so the agent can go back to them and update them.