Do you need an InteliWISE dedicated telco infrastructure?

If you choose, we can provide you with an InteliWISE dedicated telco infrastructure.

Consider this option if:

  • Your company wants to own the phone numbers and switchboard (PBX).

  • Your company wants to forward calls to your call center agents.

  • Your company wants to take responsibility for data control and security.

Then, InteliWISE will own only the voicebot module ( and your company will control the sensitive data and phone numbers.

This option requires the integration of the voicebot instance and InteliWISE infrastructure with your corporate call center. You will need to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection with InteliWISE, to ensure the security of data exchange. (If you choose the Google’s VPN, recommended by InteliWISE, the effort is estimated at a minimum of 35 hours. If you choose the VPN of another provider, the workload will exceed 80 hours.)

It is up to you how you configure your voicebot:

  • Your customer can call directly to your voicebot (if you remove IVR.)

  • Your client will be directed to a voicebot while reaching a certain IVR level. (Then your voicebot will be at the dedicated extension to which the given IVR option directs).

In case your company owns the call center, the call costs will depend on your internal costs. In case the forward to a consultant is needed it will be through your call center. The data control and security will be dependent on the private cloud your company uses.

For an additional fee, you can also use a telco infrastructure provided by InteliWISE, but the data will still be stored in your company’s private cloud. (Our recommendation is a dedicated instance on Google Cloud.)

If you want to do a quick comparison with other options, go 👉 here.

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