CUSTOM JS – Where to insert a custom code?

Custom JS is the most customizable block. By default, it has one input port, but it can have as many output ports as you need.


JS - This is where the JavaScript code can be placed. In this field, you can insert any code you need to make your voicebot behaving according to your business requirements.

Number of outputs – Here you specify the number of output ports you want this particular block to consist of. This allows you to create multiple branches of the Conversational Flow Scenario.

REMEMBER! When creating a code in the JS field write return out1(), out2() etc. for each output port of the Custom JS Block.

If you want to pass an argument to the next block your output port function should return it.

TIP: Typically, the return functions should be placed at the end of the code. The only exception is when you need to break the code execution.

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