How to add blocks and connectors and how to remove them?

Each block has only one input port (in).

And this input port can receive data from many different blocks. So, it means, that your voicebot may give your caller an identical response, but there may be different situations in conversation flow (several different blocks) that led to that voicebot answer. You will see this later in our example.

A block can have more than one output port (i.e.: out), because it can pass output to more than one block. For example, a voicebot can act one way, in a situation when everything is fine, and another way, when something has gone wrong.

The symbol for the connection between blocks is a connector. It shows us what is the order of blocks, meaning, what happens next in the scenario. Thus, you know all paths which directing the flow of conversation.

To connect one block to another, you need to click on the output port in the previous block and then move your cursor to the input port of the next block. If you want to remove a connection, hover the mouse over the center of a connector, then a small cross will appear. If you click on it, the connector will disappear, and blocks will be disconnected.

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