STEP 3: Training AI - Chatbot understanding capabilities based on NLU / NLP

How to train bots with NLU / NLP tools.

InteliWISE provides all the necessary tools to build and deliver intelligent, enterprise - class Conversational Agents (CA), also called AI Chatbots. Our comprehensive platform enables us to understand user intents and respond with a natural feel. It is powered by several powerful machine learning technologies and a combination of multiple knowledge sources.

The foundation of those technologies run on the Natural Language Processing (NLP) - the industry-leading tech used today as a man-machine interface. In a nutshell, it translates text or spoken user questions into actionable responses or actions.

The platform is powered by hybrid NLP intelligent automation technology, that combines

  • the full predictability and control of US-patented, InteliWISE rule based NLP,

  • with the scalability of the Machine Learning (ML) approach.

This combined approach guarantees top-of-class quality of language understanding (intent, query) and faster and more cost-effective process of Chatbot training.

In particular, our Agents or Chatbots, are capable of:

  • Categorizing user intent - understanding the true meaning of customer’s question,

  • Responding - answer in a fully automatic mode to customer question,

  • Running the virtual dialog - keep the flow of conversation with the user, just like the live representative would do.

Our Conversational AI platform provides comprehensive tools for managing Agents (Chatbots), including:

  • Creating (developing) Chatbots from scratch, with its content, user interface, personalities,

  • Managing (content editing and authoring), maintaining and providing Chatbots as a service or on-premise,

  • Testing and Publishing Chatbots,

  • Analyzing, improving Chatbots post-launch performance, self-learning and teaching.

How is the Content structured | Elements of NLP Builder

The InteliWISE key tool for configuring NLP is called the AI Engineer (Engineer, Content Builder, Builder). It enables any team to develop and manage content, including gathering alternate questions, building actionable responses and programming the rule-based, virtual dialog (conversation).

The basic flow of interaction usually covers:

  1. User (customer) is typing question (intent) - providing an input,

  2. The InteliWISE Engine is processing this input,

  3. The Engine is providing the response to the user.

The key Chatbot content is structured in 4 hierarchical categories:

  1. The Knowledge Base: dedicated content, covers all initial and alternate user questions and intents about company and all the responses - the information about products, offers, company; it may also entail small talk base,

  2. Labels: describing categories (or the nature) of Q&A matching,

  3. Q&R Groups Matching,

  4. Virtual Dialog (Conversation).

Here's a short description of those key elements.

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