STEP 4: Stories

Set up actions and behaviors. Define, when, where and what your Chatbot should do.

Set the most important behaviors of your Chatbot:

  1. Welcome - in this block you can set your chatbot's startup behavior. You can add a text bubble to encourage your users to interact with the chatbot. To do this, click on start, the menu will open on the right, then select the Balloon option and click SAVE.

Then click the plus block and select "Show text statement" from the menu, on the right in the settings you can enter any text that will appear in the tooltip next to the widget.

Remember: always save your changes by clicking SAVE under the settings and SAVE at the top of the screen!

2. Contact - here you will find your form settings.

To make your work easier, we have prepared a form template. Click on the contactomat block [1] and all you need to do is enter your email address [2] to which the form will be sent. Of course, you can always modify it.

3. LC connect - here you can connect your consultants. You can also modify the texts that the chatbot will display in the absence of active consultants.

4. Close - action before closing widget. use this module to increase conversions in your chatbot, you can inform your users about your social media activities.

By clicking on the appropriate block, you can edit the displayed text. You can also add or remove suggested hints that the chatbot will display, this way you can redirect the user back to the indicated place in the tree.

5. New story - the most important part of Stories. This is where you can build advanced conversation flows or create decision trees using blocks.

Click on the plus block, then select "Add a new story" -> "Empty story" -> "Without trigger (don't connect to project)".

By choosing the appropriate blocks, create complex flows that will automatically collect the necessary information to display the perfect answer at the end. It could be text, linking to a website, or some other scenario.

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