Integrations (incl. Omni-channel, Live Chat, Call Center and Tickets)

In a hand-over scenario, in other words when Chatbot is NOT able to provide an actionable response, it can be programmed to escalate the conversation, which includes more complex issues, to a live ag

In a numerous, successful web self-service projects, any virtual conversation can be escalated to a Live Operator, via an assisting, seamlessly integrated live chat functionality. Knowledge Base is utilized by users for self-service. It can address most common and less complex questions. However there are situations which require human interaction. Thus, Inteliwise System also provides seamless switch between Virtual Agent (automated solution) and Live Chat operator (human being). The conversation can be switched between Knowledge Base and Live operator many times, as well as transferred between multiple operators.

The Live operator is also able to search through the Knowledge Base for faster responses. The system even enables the operator to manually switch the conversation back to the Virtual Agent (Knowledge Base) if the topic is well covered by the Automated Solution.

Escalation to a chat with Live Agent - The virtual chat with a Chatbot can be patched to a live person, that can take over the conversation and provide adequate support.

If none of the operators is logged into the console, we can display the defined response along with the suggested topics (as in sub-point a).

Escalation to contact form (ticket) - The administration panel allows one to configure many scripts and forms that can be called from within the InteliWISE AI-Engineer Content Builder as a reaction to the lack of response. Below one can find the example with Contact form:

Integration with external knowledge sources (i.e. search engines)

The Chatbot can reach out to external sources, incl. web search engines, to provide a response that could be the closest match. In this case, Chatbot presents a list of (search engine) results, instead of one single (Chatbot) response.

What are the available features for integration with live agent tools

  • Intelligent escalations - forwarding the Chatbot dialog to live - assisted tool:

  • The ability to set (control) the conditions of escalation, based on:

  • Level of AI- accuracy - capability to recognize the question by AI ("Virtual Assistant does not know the response")

  • Numbers of unresponsed questions by the Virtual Assistant system (eg redirected to a customer service consultant after 1 question not solved by the Virtual Assistant )

  • specific words to detect in the question (as defined by keywords captured in the user's question (eg, question with words: recovery, pin, banking machine ))

  • number of characters in question Possibility to set redirect to:

  • customer service consultant on Live Chat: without opening additional modules (windows) / dialogue subpages - text dialogue goes smoothly in the same module (window) - client simply continues chatting (text dialogue)

  • customer service consultant on phone helpline,

  • consultant on Click-2-Call or voice connection through a web browser,

  • customer service consultant on video chat,

  • ticket or mail system (redirection from the form)

  • By displaying the correct phone number to the user

How to integrate Chatbot with other IT systems

Chatbots can be integrated with CRM, ERP, HR and other systems - please refer to technical documentation on

For feasibility analysis please talk to us .

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