How do voicebots understand people and respond correctly?

Voicebots are very advanced IT solutions that consist of very specialized modules that execute millions of calculations to simulate a real human conversation.

Let us take you inside the “black box” interior of a voicebot, so you can imagine what is really going on.

Your customer is talking on the phone. We then run a module called Automated Speech Recognition (ASR). Whatever your client said is transcribed into text. The Natural Language Processor (NLP) module analyzes the text. Based on this, it is possible to find key words and understand your customer’s intentions.

Then, depending on the client’s response, the voicebot executes the appropriate set of blocks belonging to the Conversational Flow Scenario. In other words, if our systems understood what a client said, then the voicebot should behave properly. This only happens if the voicebot designer has designed a right voicebot scenario. How to setup such a Conversational Flow Scenario is discussed later.

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