Can voicebot be integrated with other systems?

The Voicebot can be even more useful if you integrate it with other IT systems.

All Outbound campaigns can be even more effective after such integrations.

These can be just a few of the many possible options:

  • CRM

  • ERP

  • Call Center system

  • Procurement, Datawarehouse, and other systems

  • Clients or phone numbers databases

  • Reporting system

  • Calendar

  • Voicebot statistics

The InteliWISE Voicebot can call the client API to retrieve or upload the data.

With this functionality Voicebot can:

▶️ Create a request (ticket) on behalf of the calling customer.

▶️Enter specific data into internal systems.

▶️Provide dynamic data to a calling customer (i.e.: his /her package status, amount of debt)

Furthermore, the InteliWISE voicebot may generate CSV files according to business needs.

These files can include:

  • Satisfaction survey results

  • List of customer orders

  • Other information related to the topic discussed during the call.

InteliWISE Dialer can retrieve campaign data from CSV files and API.

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