How to design the flow of the conversation?

When you decide to create a voicebot for a specific business purpose (such as an appointment confirmation), you need to think about the scenario of a real conversation between two people.

If your voicebot is meant to relieve your employees of repetitive phone calls, ask them about their work experience. What are your customers likely to ask? How might they react after a specific response from a call center assistant? What might be the specific rare cases that happen from time to time? What are the challenges?

Once you know what might happen, it is a good idea to write down the information you have gathered. You can draw a diagram to see all possible directions the conversation could go.

See below a sample conversational flow scenario schema for a voicebot confirming a dental appointment.

After you have planned the flow of the conversation, it is time to implement it in our InteliWISE Voicebot Builder.

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