Take an advantage of the InteliWISE Voicebot Builder

After creating your project, go into the InteliWISE Voicebot Builder.

While reading this section, refer to the image above. We will explain all the elements shown there.
On the left, you see the main menu.
As you expand the voicebot menu, you can see several options to choose from. To access the InteliWISE Voicebot Builder, select the “Builder” option from the menu. By selecting other options, you may quickly exit the InteliWISE Voicebot Builder. And you may go to your project list or read the reports on the conversations your bot has had. We are guessing you do not want to do that right now.
Let us see what the InteliWISE Voicebot Editor
offers you.
It consists of four areas:
  • Blocks Menu
  • Conversational Flow Scenario
  • Blocks Option Panel
  • Buttons
The Blocks Menu
offers you a set of elements from which you may compose your desired Conversational Flow Scenario. We will describe several blocks in detail later.