We recommend the InteliWISE Shared Telco Infrastructure.

We recommend that you assign the InteliWISE Shared Telco Infrastructure to your voicebot. This is the easiest and fastest option.

Consider it especially if:

  • You are under time pressure.

  • You plan to have the voicebot in parallel to your call center.

  • You plan to run your call center through InteliWISE, or you plan to use our Agent Service platform

In this case, we will ensure the end-2-end service.

We will create a voicebot instance and give you a set of phone numbers. You do not need to have your call center. It is up to us to take care of the voicebot module, telco connection, and phone numbers. Your data will be stored in a public cloud located in the EU and protected by the highest security standards of global cloud providers.

Since there is no need to assign your telco infrastructure to your voicebot, the setup will take less than one hour. As part of the subscription, you will receive a package of minutes to use. Only if you exceed the minutes limit, you can expect to pay an additional fee for each voicebot call.

If you want to do a quick comparison with other options, go 👉 here.

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