Incoming call

Answering a call with the maximized phone app:

When a call comes in, it will be visible on the top panel of the phone. To answer it, press the green handset at that time:

Answering a call with the minimized phone app:

The rule is the same - select the green handset. The difference is only in locating it on the phone application panel.

Remember why we allowed the display of notifications and the use of sound at the very beginning? 😉 An incoming call, in addition to visualizing the call in the phone app, is also signaled audibly.

By enabling notifications, you can be in another browser tab and you will still be notified of an incoming notification

After the conversation is over, you can indicate the topic of the conversation as well as add a more detailed note and, at the very end, determine customer satisfaction ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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